Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions.

What is CyberHypeCLT’s Mission?

Our Mission is to create an environment where all individuals in Charlotte who are in, or want to be in, a technology related career can find tech-related activities and communities that they can contribute to or participate in with the intent of growing themselves or others. We are not JUST a website, distribution list, or another meetup-like organization. Our vision is a connected technology community of Charlotte individuals.

Who is the intended audience for CyberHypeCLT?

Individuals – The target audience is anyone who is in, or wants to be in, a technology related career. Whether that is a Business Analyst, Cyber or Data Scientist, Coder/Developer, Information Analyst, Tester, or beyond. We believe that everyone should have the ability to ‘find their crew’ and locate the groups and activities that meet their needs.

What does “CyberHypeCLT” mean?

Hype: promote or publicize intensively
Cyber: relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality

We wanted to connect and promote (hype) activities and communities related to anything technology (cyber) in the Charlotte, NC greater metro area. Combining those ideas brought about CyberHypeCLT.

How do I participate?

1. Use our website and information on our social media channels to help you identify possible activities that are of interest to you.

  • For LinkedIn – Follow CyberHype Charlotte, #cyberhypeclt, and #clttech
  • For Instagram – Follow cyberhypeclt
  • For Twitter – Follow @CyberHypeCLT
  • For Facebook – Like and follow our CyberHype Charlotte page

2. Participate in activities!

3. Provide feedback to help us support the CyberHypeCLT mission! You can reach us at

CyberHypeCLT is NOT a Job Board or Sales Avenue.

While networking can certainly support individuals on finding future job opportunities, and vendors can feel free to represent their companies and products as appropriate to the activity, that is not the intention of CyberHypeCLT. We ask that you not tag us in any social media post that is a job posting or sales advertisement. We want our connections to be informational and relevant to technology as well as highlight activities and people in the Charlotte Metro area.

“Find my Crew” is interesting. How did you come up with that?

All five founding members are passionate about using their zeal for technology, professional skills, and network to give back to the community. For us, CyberHypeCLT is our “crew.” We believe that many individuals in Charlotte also want to find their own way to contribute, and it should be easier to find and engage with the activity and/or community that allows them to fulfill a personal purpose, i.e. their crew.

I run an organization, event, volunteer activity, or conference to promote technology practices in Charlotte, NC. What do I need to do?

First, share any and all information about your activity with us. This will make your information available on the website and allow individuals to find you.

Second, follow us on our social media channels. “Tag” CyberHypeCLT and our hashtags so that your activities show up for the entire community via our feeds/channels.

Last, put your event details on “meetups” and we will automatically pull it onto our website for additional visibility.

Does CyberHypeCLT have events?

Our role in the community is to connect individuals with your events. Our mission is to showcase and support all the wonderful technology related activities in the Charlotte area vs. competing with them. We believe that Charlotte has plenty of events to meet everyone’s needs, they just need to be organized in a way that people can easily find the ones that fit for them.

Can I donate to CyberHypeCLT?

We encourage each person to give responsibly to an organization that matches their values and purpose. CyberHypeCLT is a non-profit and does depend on donations to fund its very lean budget. CyberHypeCLT founding members also donate to the cause and are dedicated to being transparent about the budget and the impact of that budget. Please refer to the “Donate” tab on the website for more information.

Where does CyberHypeCLT source their community calendar of events?

CyberHypeCLT is intentionally creating credibility and we want to make sure that anything on our site is current and relevant. Therefore, we are only going to display or show events that we can electronically maintain for accuracy (such as from However, there are other calendars or marketing sites for many of the events, and we do not intend to be duplicating or taking away from these other postings by the organization or activity organizers.

Will CyberHypeCLT do my marketing for me?

We are a free-to-the-community marketing channel, available to anyone we can help. The services we offer (i.e. showcasing the organization or activity on our website and promoting by using our social media tags) are critical marketing capabilities that fill a significant need. Additionally, the founding members each have significant experience that we are always happy to share with the community, either through direct advisement and/or through participation in your events and community. That said, we are not professional marketers or branding experts and do not intent to fill that role.

Still have a question?

Did you not find the answer to your question here? Contact CyberHype Charlotte today. We are happy to help!