Technology Literacy is Table-Stakes

Technology literacy is to today’s jobs as the “3 R’s” was to careers of yesterday – it’s table-stakes. All careers require technological abilities; all industries have adopted and rely on technology as integral to their success. It is no longer about choosing to get into technology (or not), it’s about understanding what role technology will play in your career. CyberHype Charlotte was created as a unique platform that promotes technology literacy and career growth across all levels of individuals in Charlotte.

Connected People are Successful People

I’ve always agreed with the idea that the most connected people are the most successful. As a recent graduate, connecting with others is super important to grow my career. Through networking with people both inside and outside of my current company, I’ve been able to find valuable mentors, develop new skills, connect with senior management, and build professional relationships that I will be able to maintain throughout my entire career. “What you know gets you in the room, but who you know gets you a seat at the table.”

The Power of a Mentor

One of the most consistent, yet nebulous, pieces of advice throughout any career is that you need to find a mentor. However, it is not as clear cut on how to go about meeting an individual that can become your mentor. But one thing is true, mentors, when found can become a powerful tool in shaping and encouraging your career growth. A mentor is someone who can offer advice about your career to you in a meaningful way. A mentor should be a 3rd party that has no vested interested in the outcome of the advice

The Rewards of Giving Back

Pay it forward. Give back. Help others. These are words you may hear often, but when put into action can be super impactful – both for yourself and others. While it sounds easy, finding the time can sometimes seem overwhelming or difficult. Consider though, helping can be as simple as having a conversation and sharing advice or talking through career concerns. Other ways to give back can be to invite someone to join an event or activity. A little extra encouragement can go a long way in getting people out to participate in new experiences.

Turning A Poor Career Choice Into Your Secret Weapon

Hello, you, the person reading this. The title caught you because you are either in the middle of what you believe to be a poor career choice, or you have had one in the past, or you are looking to make a career move and want to make sure that you don’t misstep. I have worked in the technology industry, all of it in fintech, for thirty years. During that time, I’ve had many roles, in practically every area of the technology organization. And, yes, I have ended up in those situations where I would say in the middle of the assignment that possibly it was a “poor career choice”.