Thank you for considering donations to CyberHype CLT.  We are a fully approved 501(c)(3) non-profit that formed in late 2019.  Please contact us at for EIN if needed.

How to donate:  

Because we feel very valued that you would donate to us, we want to be transparent about our financial budget and how money spent supports our mission.  Our manpower is all volunteer.  We intend to keep our expenses very low, plus maximize the funds that we do receive.

Our budget year for 2021-2022 is as follows:

Crew Event (Oct 2021) $2500
Networking Event (TBD 2022) $3500
CyberHype CLT Promo Items $3000
Sponsorship at Crew Events, i.e. Fleurix  $3000
Misc Admin/Legal/Accting Fees/Website  $3000
2021-2022 Budget $15,000

Additional funding received beyond our current budget will go to the following:

  • Additional marketing 
  • Additional functionality and capabilities on our website

To continue our transparency, we will be posting a summary of our budget year, with our impact statement.  We believe strongly that if you donate to us, you deserve to know how it was spent.  In 2020-Summer 2021 we have sent out messaging for over 50 Crew events, held two events (one in person, and one virtual) and did a series of videos and messaging to continue to engage our community.  We hope to have even higher impact in Fall 2021-2022!

How to donate:  

Thank you for your support.