Thank you for considering donations to CyberHype Charlotte. We are a 501.c.3 non-profit that formed in late 2019 and is in full launch as of March 2020. Please note, our 501.c.3 application is still in progress with the IRS, but we are registered as non-profit. 

How to donate:

Thank you for your support.

Because we feel very valued that you would donate to us, we want to be transparent about our financial budget and how money spent supports our mission. Our manpower is all volunteer. We intend to keep our expenses very low plus maximize the funds that we do receive.

Our initial 2020 Launch year budget looks as follows:

Private Influencers Event (@75 People)$1000
Launch Event (@200 People)$2500
CyberHypeCLT Promo Items$1000
Additional Marketing Expenses$1000
Misc Admin/Legal/Acct Fees$1500
2020 Launch Costs$10,000

Additional funding received beyond our current budget will go to additional functionality and capabilities on our website.

To continue our transparency, we will be posting a summary of our budget year, with our impact statement, at the end of 2020 as we prepare our 2021 budget. We believe strongly that if you donate to us then you deserve to know how it was spent.

We are still accepting sponsorship from vendors for our Launch Event/Launch Year Activities!