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CHARLOTTE is now unequivocally considered to be a major tech hub not only in the South, but on the East Coast at large. A significant factor in that growth has been the vibrant community of technologists we have cultivated and attracted to our market. #techyourseat is a collaborative effort combining a variety of the women-centered tech organizations and meetups in the Charlotte area. INDIVIDUALLY our groups aim to provide support, encouragement and educational resources to adult women interested in technology. We strive to lift up people who are brand new to the industry, as well as bolster seasoned technologists looking to grow and flourish in their chosen field. TOGETHER we are striving to amplify the voices of women in our community, expand the reach of our available support and resources, and provide a larger forum for people to network, learn about our mission and goals, and get inspired on their own journey through Charlotte’s bustling technology scene. Come to the table and #techYourSeat.