One of the most consistent, yet nebulous, pieces of advice throughout any career is that you need to find a mentor. However, it is not as clear cut on how to go about meeting an individual that can become your mentor. But one thing is true, mentors, when found can become a powerful tool in shaping and encouraging your career growth. A mentor is someone who can offer advice about your career to you in a meaningful way. A mentor should be a 3rd party that has no vested interested in the outcome of the advice, only that you take the advice in the positive manner in which it was given to help you in your career growth. While this person should be someone you trust and respect, it does not necessarily need to be someone you have a long-standing personal relationship with. It just needs to be someone you find that you can confide in, is willing to listen and offer an opinion on next steps, and that you feel comfortable that their advice is given with your best interest. While most individuals look for and seek mentorship inside their company, it can also be found outside your company as well with more meaningful results from their vantage point. Danielle Volman, a CyberHype Charlotte Founding Member, said that mentorship, and the need for it, was a key reason for her passion on forming the non-profit. She said, “I am fortunate to have had amazing mentors throughout my tech career. I have also learned the value of mentors AND sponsors outside of my immediate network. CyberHype will allow me to continue to expand my horizons, even beyond where I work day-to-day.” Regardless of what stage you are in your life, a mentor can be advantageous to be a sounding board for you in a career moment, or a career trajectory. Additionally, regardless of your years in the field, any experience can also be used to mentor others as well as be mentored. We at CyberHype Charlotte are so passionate about connecting and growing that we have dedicated our time and energy to encourage the technology individuals in Charlotte to meet and support one another. Together we can do great things.

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