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What is CyberHype Charlotte’s Mission?

Our Mission is to grow the Charlotte technology community – working to create an inclusive community that supports every individual who wants to start or advance their technology career.

CyberHype Charlotte does this by focusing on two specific communities:

  1. Individuals – anyone who wants to learn more about technology topics or skills necessary to have a rewarding career. Regardless of skill level, organization or personal goals.
  2. Crews – a ‘crew’ is any meetup, organization, or technical training school or other that has a goal to advance technology skills. This also includes avenues to volunteer to support advancement of technology.

Our primary focus is to connect IT in Charlotte; match people to crews to fulfill the purpose of the individual. There are many different opportunities available in the community, and each person should explore the option to determine what is the best way to use their time for personal goals.

CyberHype Charlotte is not just a website, distribution list, or another meetup-like organization. Our vision is to create a connected Charlotte technology community of individuals.

To Participate:

Use our website and information on our social media channels to help you identify activities and groups that are of interest to you.

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Why CyberHype?


Our goal is to create one place where all individuals can find the information that they find interesting and meet their technology career goals.


We want to help individuals connect with others and build relationships with people who can help with creating a robust career plan.


Since Charlotte is a growing hotspot for highly-talented technology roles, CyberHype Charlotte aims to create a sense of technology community in the Charlotte Metro Area.


Through hard-skill meetups, workshops, and conferences, new skills can be developed to remain current as new information and technology methods are constantly emerging.

About CyberHype Charlotte

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