Connect IT In Charlotte

CyberHype Charlotte’s mission is to “Connect IT In Charlotte” by helping individuals match their personal objectives with opportunities, focusing on growing the Charlotte technology community. When we say individuals, that is anyone who is currently within or striving to have a technology related career in the Charlotte, North Carolina community is a part of the CyberHype Charlotte network. CyberHype Charlotte strives to meet these needs by offering a collective place to see events and activities for individuals to choose ways to spend his or her time productively.

The means for which these individuals connect, are largely through “crews”, which we’ve defined as a ‘crew’ is any meetup, organization, or technical training school or other that has a goal to advance technology skills, whether a one-time event or recurring set of activities. This also includes avenues to volunteer to support advancement of technology.

Additionally, we intend for the community to advance other ways to connect via social media, facilitated by the use of the CyberHype Charlotte social media channels and hash tags so that the community can be cohesive and grow organically.

If you are the leader or representative of a Charlotte-are technology Crew, we’d love to connect you to our social media network and website as incremental support for your current methods of communication to your community.

Why Connect with CyberHype Charlotte?

  • Additional exposure for your events. Your events can be located on our website for additional visibility. Depending on the platform for your events, with tags we can automatically bring in events without additional work.
  • Additional exposure for your organization. Your crew’s purpose can get additional visibility for growth of membership and/or volunteers, depending on your crew’s objectives.
  • Connecting Charlotte Crews together and working together to grow the Charlotte Technology community.

The goal is to maximize what is currently happening in the Charlotte Technology community, not to detract or add one more organization to compete for membership or donations.

Also note that CyberHype Charlotte does not advocate for a particular Crew over another; the Charlotte Technology should choose the events or Crew activity that meets his or her individual goals without judgment.

How to Get Started?

  • You can manually add your Event to our Events page and/or contact us at to connect your event automatically to the site.
  • Follow us on Social Media
  • Tag us on your events and use our hashtags (#cyberhypeclt, #clttech, #techyourseat) so that CyberHype members can see pictures or other posts from your Crew
  • Any other questions can be sent to