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Webinar (free): Scrum Basics

Online event

This webinar is a bit about Agile, but mostly about the basics of Scrum, in 60 minutes. We also have our CSM course. It also gives you the basics, but in 16 hours. Still, basic, but notably longer. This webinar might be for someone thinking about getting into Scrum, or for a manager or another…

WEBINAR (free): Intro to the Team Level Up Workshop

Online event

We are holding a free online webinar about our Team Level Up Workshop. We have given this workshop a bunch of times recently. Clients have been very happy! The basic idea is to take a new/existing team (or teams) and do two things: Get all the team members and surrounding people on the same page.…

Webinar (free): Starting a Scrum Team – Suggestions

Online event

We want to offer many suggestions for starting your next Scrum Team. To help them become a High Performance team (without working extra hours). We have spoken before about 7 Key Things (for starting). Now we will discuss another 11 Things. Here's a related article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/starting-scrum-team-help-joe-little/ We will offer some ideas. Please offer your own…

Webinar (free): Intro to Our Real-World Scrum Workshop

Online event

This webinar is an intro to our Real-World Scrum workshop. The Scrum courses (eg, our CSM course) offer some time on applying theory to practice. This workshop enables you to get into these issues much more. Special situations. Things you can't do. All the mess of real life. And then to figure out how to…

Webinar (free): Five Steps toward a Great Team

Online event

Scrum has many purposes. Helping you build a great Team is one of them. We will share five steps toward a Great Team. Not the only way, but five key suggestions. Please share your ideas. We'll share ours. And let's discuss. Discussion Leader Joe Little is an Agile Trainer (CST) and coach. He has been…

WEBINAR (free): Intro to our Unique Agile Release Planning Workshop

Online event

This webinar is an introduction to our Unique Agile Release Planning workshop. We are the only ones who provide this workshop. It is also an opportunity to answer your questions. Almost every week we give an 8-hour Agile Release Planning Workshop. People who take the workshop say: “It should be required,“ “it’s essential” and “that’s…