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WEBINAR (free): Intro to the Team Level Up Workshop

Online event

We are holding a free online webinar about our Team Level Up Workshop. We have given this workshop a bunch of times recently. Clients have been very happy! The basic idea is to take a new/existing team (or teams) and do two things: Get all the team members and surrounding people on the same page.…

Webinar (free): How Scrum Helps Managers

Online event

Does Scrum help managers? First: Does Scrum help the Team? YES. And in many ways, including having more fun. And producing more for the customers (without working harder). Second: Does Scrum help Managers? Our answer is yes. But let's discuss. Share your ideas. We'll share ours. Please share the doubts you have heard (or were…

Webinar: Intro to Our Product Owner (CSPO) Course

Online event

In this short webinar we will introduce our CSPO Course (Certified Scrum Product Owner course) and Agile Release Planning workshop. And answer your questions. We do the CSPO + ARP fairly regularly, about every two months. Both as a public course and as an in-house course. a) We will describe our CSPO course I take…

Webinar (free): 5 Suggestions for a Better PO

Online event

We want to discuss 5 Key Suggestions for the Product Owner. Please join us! Here are some, in short form. Add your ideas. We'll pick 5. You have 3 Teams: Scrum Team, BSHs, and the Minions Be decisive: PBL and MVP More clarity of “requirements” and the DOR (and Minions) Inspire your Team(s) 80-20 Use…

Webinar (free): Intro to Our Real-World Scrum Workshop

Online event

This webinar is an intro to our Real-World Scrum workshop. The Scrum courses (eg, our CSM course) offer some time on applying theory to practice. This workshop enables you to get into these issues much more. Special situations. Things you can't do. All the mess of real life. And then to figure out how to…