Technology literacy is to today’s jobs as the “3 R’s” was to careers of yesterday – it’s table-stakes. All careers require technological abilities; all industries have adopted and rely on technology as integral to their success. It is no longer about choosing to get into technology (or not), it’s about understanding what role technology will play in your career. CyberHype Charlotte was created as a unique platform that promotes technology literacy and career growth across all levels of individuals in Charlotte. Regardless of where you are starting, or where you want to go, we believe there is something for everyone to be found in Charlotte, starting with Meredith LaBonte, a founding member of CyberHype Charlotte summarizes it this way: “CyberHype is important to me because it provides a platform to learn and connect. It is not just for web developers, or network engineers, or specializing in the latest language. It’s about people finding and being found. It’s about being excited about the opportunities and making real by connecting with others through that mutual excitement.”

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