Pay it forward. Give back. Help others. These are words you may hear often, but when put into action can be super impactful – both for yourself and others. While it sounds easy, finding the time can sometimes seem overwhelming or difficult. Consider though, helping can be as simple as having a conversation and sharing advice or talking through career concerns. Other ways to give back can be to invite someone to join an event or activity. A little extra encouragement can go a long way in getting people out to participate in new experiences. If you want to provide additional support, you could buy an extra ticket or offer to provide transportation for a guest who you want to join you for an event. There are also options to buy extra tickets and donate them as a “scholarship” for those who may want to attend buy can’t afford the tickets. Of course, participating in a panel, providing mentorship, or presenting to a group is also a great way to get involved. It allows you the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices so that others can learn from your successes, as well as from the challenges you’ve faced and overcome. Lisa Russell, a CyberHype Charlotte founding member, shared the following about experiences with our organization: “I am passionate about CyberHype Charlotte because it affords me the opportunity to give back and support fellow technologists. There are numerous opportunities to connect them with others and help them explore the various meetup groups they can join, events to attend, or other organizations where they can donate their time and talents.” All of us at CyberHype Charlotte came together on the idea of giving back to our Queen City and to help fellow technologists. We hope that the power of connecting and supporting one another makes us better people, a better community, and the strongest technology network in the nation.

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